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#amplifymelanatedvoices 2020

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Over the past week or so, the Thoughts From the Criminology Team has taken part in the #amplifymelanatedvoices initiative started by @blackandembodied and @jessicawilson.msrd over on Instagram. During that time we have re-shared entries from our regular bloggers @treventoursu and @drkukustr8talk as well as entries from our graduates @franbitalo, @wadzanain7, @sineqd, @sallekmusa, @tgomesx, @jazzie9, @chris13418861 and @ifedamilola. In addition, we have new entries from @treventoursu, @drkukustr8talk and @svr2727. Each of these entries has offered a different perspective and each has provided the starting point for further dialogue.

We recognise that taking part in the #amplifymelanatedvoices is a tiny gesture, and that everyone can and should do better in the fight against white supremacy, racist ideology and individual and institutional violences.

Although this particular initiative has come to an end, the Thoughts from the Criminology Team retains its ethos, which is ‘to provide an inclusive space to explore a diversity of subjects, from a diverse range of standpoints’. We hope all of our bloggers continue to write for us for many years, but there is plenty of room for new voices.


  1. Mark Allenby says:

    I remember many years ago watching a documentary where Tony Buzan, the originator of Mind Mapping, worked closely with a small group of children in an inter-city school who were ‘failing’ academically. He worked with them for 6 months, and in that time the average progress in their language skills was 18 months. 18 months progress in 6 months.

    Buzan reflected on this and said something like “the children in this group didn’t develop language skills because no one regularly listened to them. What is the point having language if no one listens.”

    As a white person, this is my challenge, how do I listen effectively to people whose daily experience is affected by social forces that I am largely unaffected by and unaware of?

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