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Welcome to the Thoughts from the Criminology Team blog!

As you see it is full of  short opinion pieces, as well as longer narratives, focused on all different facets of criminology, as well as wider social issues (including academia). Three members of the Criminology team @paulaabowles, @manosdaskalou and @5teveh blog regularly, alongside two weekly contributors @treventoursu and @drkukustr8talk. In addition we have a number of guest bloggers; including students, graduates, associate lecturers, as well as a number of honorary criminologists.

The ethos of the blog is to provide an inclusive space to explore a diversity of subjects, from a diverse range of standpoints.

If you have any suggestions for subjects you might like to appear on the blog, or if you have a connection with the team and fancy writing an entry, please get in touch.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here belong to individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the team or the institution.

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