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“My Favourite Things”: Sallek

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My favourite TV show - I am a huge fan of crime fiction series and could commit all my time to re-watch some of the very interesting series. I have enjoyed Criminal Minds, Suits and Nikita, and I really can’t decide on which is more favourite

My favourite place to go - Although I am not a programmer, I am highly tech-savvy and curious about technology. I just love technology and I always fancy those moments when I get lost trying to know and understand recent strides and technological advancement. So, I always long to catch a glimpse or visit places where new advancements and latest technologies are on display or put into practical everyday use. I guess this means I have a lot of travelling or catching up to always do as new technological innovations in various fields are always birthed

My favourite city - I could quickly conclude that Rome is without a doubt my favourite city – it reminds me of my dear country, but even more, the ancient history of the city culminated with the Colosseum - one of the new 7 wonders of the world. However, I have heard so much about Paris and I long to visit the city, but until then, I consider Cape Town as my favourite city. Cape Town is filled with live, blessed with a beautiful landscape, the Table Mountain and the historical Robben Island which beckons on tourists. However, in spite of her glory, the city portrays the injustice of humanity, the reluctance to address the concerns, and the resultant inequality and inequity

My favourite thing to do in my free time - One thing I love doing in my free time is writing songs, especially rap lyrics. I also enjoy reading, running, and engaging in some few indoor sports such as pool and playing Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). The latter helps me get rid of mental stress and anxiety. I remember spending the whole day playing PES before my PhD viva in the evening and it worked the magic of taking my mind off the thought of the ‘defence’

My favourite athlete/sports personality - The GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of football, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro – one can always learn a lot about commitment and determination, discipline, passion, work ethic, and hard work from him. After about two decades of cutting off from wrestling, a friend persuaded me to attend a live WWE event, and since then, I added the Big Dog, Roman Reigns (Leati Joseph Anoa’i) to this list

My favourite actor - I am not sure I have a favourite actor, probably because I feel they are all act scripts which favours some and rarely favours others. However, if pushed, I will pick Jackie Chan because he goes the extra to make his stunts

My favourite author - This is tricky - I read by titles and this makes it difficult having any one favourite author

My favourite drink - Zobo, and I know I will have to do some explaining here. Zobo is made from a combination of fruits such as pineapples, watermelon, orange, and cucumber mixed in a boiled dried Roselle as the main ingredient (Roselle is a common specie of Hibiscus in West Africa). A chilLed glass of Zobo tastes far better than any drink

My favourite food - Plantain, pizza, and any tasty and spicy food

My favourite place to eat - None in particular, but if together with one or more persons, I have the best of meals

I like people who - never quit without exhausting all possible options

I don’t like it when people -  quit without a hard fight or fail to give in their best to any task

My favourite book - Chinua Achebe’s A Man of the People to which I add William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and George Orwell’s Animal Farm as the storylines depict some of the political quagmires across many states

My favourite book character - Shylock in William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

My favourite film - The Fast and Furious series

My favourite poem - The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost; it helps keep my sanity in check – no room for regrets

My favourite artist/band -  Extremely difficult to pick one, but left with no option, Fela Anikulapso Kuti and Lucky Dube

My favourite song - Suffering and Smiling by Fela Anikulapo Kuti

My favourite art - unfortunately, I have little appreciation of arts work, but I definitely love the passion depicted in Michelangelo’s Pietà

My favourite person from history - Ken Saro-Wiwa (Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa), a Nigerian writer, television producer and environmental activist who was executed by the regime of General Sani Abacha over his non-violent campaign over the degradation of the Niger Delta oil region of Nigeria and the marginalisation of its people

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